Mark Langley

“Mark Langley's practical help and advice improved our team's ability to make themselves heard without straining their voices in a very busy environment. Mark made everyone feel at ease and the training enjoyable.”


Presentation Skills

OK, so you’re not an actor, but you have to make a presentation. As a voice coach I can help you make an impact.


  • Have you been asked to make a speech?
  • Are you performing a reading at a wedding?
  • Are you a teacher leading assembly?
  • Are you a business person making a presentation?


As a performer who has worked in many different situations and venues, I understand how difficult it can be to speak in public. Yet having worked with teachers, museum guides and business people, I also understand that public speaking is often not about performing but about presenting, and there is a great difference between the two.


Presentation skills are about maximising your potential, be that with a really dynamic visual presentation to support what you say, or be it to write a really clear speech, or just to enjoy the presentation. Enjoying presenting is a huge part of the battle so building your confidence is essential and you do this best when you are sure about what you have to say and know that how you say it is interesting and that you are not going to go wrong.


One question I always ask people who want help with a presentation is ‘have you rehearsed?’ many people reply no and that they are not sure how to rehearse. Rehearsal is more than just saying the speech over and over, it is also about knowing what to do to improve your presentation. I can offer you a wide variety of exercises that will help you to rehearse, but critically help you to make improvements to your presentation.


I offer a range of workshops from one-to-one sessions to group sessions for 3 to 8 people. I can fit these into different timetables of single 3 hour sessions or a programme of training events. It is all a matter of how much you need to develop and how much you want to achieve.